Skrikhult Production signar The Unguided

TU2 2013 Magnus Petersohn

A Swedish melodic metal force to be reckon with; THE UNGUIDED, with founding members from both SONIC SYNDICATE and DEAD BY APRIL, have just recently finished up the recordings of their anticipated second album. With an album fresh from the furnace, they are more than ready to unleash it upon the world, via the fresh inked deal with Austrian well-established label; NAPALM RECORDS. They are now also proud to say that they are in league with SKRIKHULT PRODUCTION, which will indeed grant their campaign even further success.

The Unguided might not have been on the map for more than a few years, but have proven themselves over and over; with their countless achievements throughout the metal world. With huge festival gigs, their debut album; “HELL FROST” and an amazing rank of die-hards fans, the years have not passed unnoticeable.

The Unguided have close to 25k followers on their official Facebook, an debut album, followed with 2 music videos and 5 singles and a handful of headline tours as well as big festival gigs as Summer Breeze & Getaway Rock Festival. A rare sensation for such a young in years band! And indeed a statement of hard work and an iron-will from the band.

Hell Frost – 2011
TBA album – More info soon!

Richard Sjunnesson – Vocals
Roger Sjunnesson – Guitars
Roland Johansson – Vocals & Guitars
Henric Liljesand – Bass
Richard Schill – Drums