Bourbon Boys is the ultimate rockin’ party. It’s a mixture of rock n’ roll, country and modernized rockabilly that makes you wanna move and shake whatever it is you’ve got.It’s a band that’s been under development for alot of years, with some of the tunes written over a decade ago. The songs are reflections on the world as I see it. Heavily influenced by all sorts of roots music and country poetry, I have constantly been writing songs for many years. Finally, the perfect constellation of the band has become reality and the debut album is about to see the light of day. I am incredibly proud of the songs, the musical performances and the crystal clear sound that is featured on this recording. I hope y’all will find it as entertaining as I do.

So… If you dig your countryrock covered in diesel, powder and American Bourbon… Dig in!

In the service of rock’n’roll

//Hulkoff, on behalf of the Bourbon Boys

Inga aktuella shower för tillfället.

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